May 13, 2015 PremierWeb

Yamaha Motor Launch New i-PULSE 3D Hybrid Surface Mounters

New models S10 & S20 enables mounting on concave-convex, sloped and curved surfaces

The S10 and S20 have been developed under the concept of a single unit Manufacturing Center designed for surface mounting, dispensing and inspecting. In addition to having superior product loading speed and accuracy as well as highly versatile mounting options from ultra-small chips to large components, these models are hybrids with their mounting heads and dispensing heads intermingled allowing alternate dispensing and mounting. The S10 and S20 are more advanced models than the existing M10 and M20 offering improved flexibility, expandability and productivity.

Through a newly developed tilt mechanism unit and a long stroke on the Z axis in the S10 and S20 models, surface mounting is now possible on concave-convex, sloped and curved surfaces bringing enhanced expandability to suit production types over and above conventional flat board types. Head variation can also be set to a 6-axis 6-theta, or 12-axis 2-theta configurations. Cost performance is further enhanced through improved in placement capability. In addition, stable dispensing and inspecting is carried out thanks to the adoption of a color fiducial mark recognition camera and newly developed lighting units.

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