About Trans-Tec America

Trans-Tec is proud to celebrate over 30 years of excellence in SMT and electronic manufacturing. Founded in 1988 and now operating out of 41 locations in 12 countries, TransTechnology Worldwide has long been established as a worldwide leader in sales, distribution and after-market service for a full line of electronic manufacturing equipment.

Trans-Tec America has been established to provide comprehensive sales, distribution and service for Yamaha industrial and SMT products throughout North America, including the full range of Yamaha SMT equipment with a particular emphasis on the United States and Mexico.

Global Business Configuration

Trans-Tec is organized into 4 major operating divisions, combining global strength with regional management. We have carefully structured our company to ensure customer satisfaction from the initial sale through to training and after sales-services.

Each part of the Trans-Tec organization is here to provide you with outstanding service, deep expertise and a desire to see our customers succeed. We are pleased to provide a brief overview of each division below.

International Sales

Trans-Tec’s sales team is the initial point of contact for all Trans-Tec customers. Trans-Tec’s sales representatives possess 15-20 years of SMT experience and are fully versed in the latest developments in SMT technology, as well as the next generation of SMT-based opportunities. Our sales team additionally coordinates with other divisions of the company to ensure that our customers make a fully informed decision that optimizes your return on investment, as well as readiness for the growth of your business.

Worldwide Services

Over half of the Trans-Tec workforce is technical service engineers.

Our SMT service team is geographically dispersed to ensure rapid SMT service. Whether you require on-site service maintenance, rapid spare parts delivery or on-site training, our service team stands ready to provide you with efficient and professional service.

At Trans-Tec, our commitment to SMT customer service excellence is a competitive advantage for our clients and partners.

Trans-Tec Technology Centers

Trans-Tec’s total commitment to meeting the needs of our clients has led to the development of an unrivalled package of products and services, including development of 5 Trans-Tec Technology Centers around the globe representing an investment of over $1,000,000 USD.

Trans-Tec America’s Technology Centers are in place to give Trans-Tec customers an opportunity to perform trial runs on the latest Yamaha SMT equipment, ensuring practical analysis for an informed decision.

Combined with Trans-Tec’s Optimization Advisory, Trans-Tec’s Technology Centers represent the perfect combination to ensure maximized return on your SMT investment.


A strong finance department forms the backbone of any successful enterprise. Trans-Tec’s finance team is in place to ensure professional operational and financial management for the health and longevity of the company. Our finance department also enables tremendous flexibility in creating terms and transactions that make good business sense for our customers.


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