On-Site SMT Maintenance & Repair Services


Comprehensive SMT Maintenance & Repairs

Trans-Tec America provides on-site repairs and maintenance for all Yamaha and Asembléon-branded SMT equipment.

Our Yamaha-certified service technicians are located throughout North America to ensure efficient service. Simply contact Trans-Tec America’s service headquarters online or by phone and we can dispatch SMT repair specialists to get your systems up and running with minimal downtime.

SMT Equipment Supported by Trans-Tec America

The following is a partial list of equipment frequently serviced by Trans-Tec America’s SMT service technicians.Don’t see your exact model?


  • Yamaha YG Series – YGD, YG88. YG88R, YG100 , YG100R, YG200, YG300
  • Yamaha YS Series – YSD , YSH20, YS12, YS12F, YS12P, YS24, YS24X, YS100, YS88, YSi-12, YSi-S, YSi-X, YSM40, YSP20
  • Yamaha SMT – YCPII H, HSD-Xg H, i-CubeIID, i-CubeII
  • Assembléon SMT Pick & Place Machines – MC-1, MC-5, MC-8, MC-24, MC-12, MC-24X, MG-1, MG-1R, MG-2, MG-2L , MG-3 , MG-8, MG-8R

Experienced Technicians

Over half of Trans-Tec America’s staffing is comprised of experienced SMT field technicians. Each of our SMT Technicians is fully certified in the maintenance and repair of Yamaha SMT equipment, with a minimum of 10-years experience in SMT maintenance services and a friendly and professional manner that ensures efficient and effective teamwork between your in-house SMT technicians and Trans-Tec America.

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