30 Years of Partnership


Trans-Tec & Yamaha: An Ideal Partnership for SMT

Trans-Tec and Yamaha SMT have been global business partners for over 30-years, during which time the two companies have built deep knowledge of our respective histories, processes, technologies and people. This knowledge in turn supports the trust and cooperation required for successful development of global channels for product sales and support.

Trans-Tec America is proud of the relationship we have built with Yamaha, and we are proud to be the factory-authorized distributor and support services provider for all Yamaha SMT products in North America. Together, we’ll achieve great things.

Full Range of Yamaha SMT Products

Trans-Tec America offers sales, installation and service for the full range of Yamaha SMT products including surface mounters, solder-paste printers, dispensers, PCB inspection systems, hybrid placers and high performance management software. We invite you to browse through our site or to contact Trans-Tec America for a free consultation to help you choose the right equipment for your business and manufacturing needs.

Comprehensive Customer Service for Yamaha SMT Equipment

With over 30 years of Yamaha SMT experience worldwide, and with highly trained SMT technicians across the country, Trans-Tec is uniquely positioned to provide factory-authorized SMT services for all Yamaha SMT equipment.

When you take Trans-Tec’s experience and expertise, and combine it with our fanatical approach to customer service, Trans-Tec America becomes the obvious choice for all of your SMT service needs.



  • Spare Parts Service for Yamaha SMT Equipment – Trans-Tec America offers a spare parts service covering all Yamaha SMT equipment. With warehouses located in Chandler, AZ and Kennesaw, Georgia and a highly efficient shipping and inventory management system, Trans-Tec can frequently turn spare part orders around within as little as one business day.
  • Training – Whether you are looking to hire and train new SMT technicians, or to improve the knowledge and efficiency of your existing workforce, Trans-Tec America can provide the training you need to make notable improvements in your output and quality. We provide training on-site or through roadshow workshops throughout North America.
  • On-Site SMT Equipment Maintenance & Repair – Trans-Tec America provides a full range of on-site SMT equipment repair and maintenance services. Our service technicians have thousands of hours of maintenance experience with the most up-to-date training on all facets of Yamaha SMT.
  • Optimization Advisory – In-house technical staff typically do the best they can to keep SMT operations running smoothly and efficiently, but may not have the breadth of experience that enables a fresh look at existing SMT systems for improved performance. Trans-Tec America’s optimization advisory services offer a fresh look, leveraged against many years of experience, to help our customers improve their performance and total return on Yamaha SMT investments.


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