YSM20R High Efficiency Mounter Yamaha's flagship mounter offers a variety of features and scalable configurations to suit any application, throughput or assembly challenges. PRODUCT DETAILS YCP10 High Performance Compact Printer Yamaha's mid-range printer is fully equipped with 2D inspection, industry-exclusive 3S blade technology and print stability features for the best possible print yields. PRODUCT DETAILS YSiV Hybrid Optical Inspection System Yamaha's AOI system utilizes a wide variety of camera, illumination and processing technologies, along with advanced modeling software, or provide the optimum inspection results with a minimum of false calls. PRODUCT DETAILS

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Trans-Tec America: Factory Authorized Source for All Yamaha SMT Products and Services

As the leading distributor of Yamaha SMT equipment solutions in North America, Trans-Tec America is one of the longest-standing global partners for integrated modular assembly lines worldwide.

With dedicated industry experience spanning from its inception in 1988, Trans-Tec has developed an excellent reputation for delivering exceptional products and services.

Trans-Tec customers worldwide achieve the best return-on-investment (ROI) possible with a comprehensive range of highly-configurable products, world-class engineering services and technical support experts available around-the-clock.

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The Trans-Tec America Team provides superior nationwide support for all Yamaha SMT products in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Trans-Tec Worldwide is a global company operating from 41 locations in 12 countries. To learn more about Trans-Tec operations in countries outside of North America, please visit the Trans-Tec global website.


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